Site Credits

All site maitainance, conceptualiztion, design, and development by:

Darq Productions is: Peter Bayham & Sean Riddolls.
Both Peter and Sean are freelance web designers, based in the Metro Toronto area. Contracted for development of the "" site, both designers have pooled their resources

Sean Riddolls

Sean is a professional web designer and developer, having designed major corporate intranets, and external sites such as,,, and the intranet of the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Peter Bayham

Peter Bayham, is a professional electronic music dj, with strong a digital graphics background, is carving out a niche in the Web industry through marketing design for Toronto nightclubs..

Both Peter and Sean can be contracted for hire on a freelance basis, via their individual contact information. As a team, Peter and Sean work under the title 'Darq Productions' contracted for specialized nightclub web development.